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Mary Elizabeth ·  309 pages

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“It’s not even fair to want someone as heavily and wholly as I crave this person. I feel too small to contain it, and all he did was look at me.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“Because I love you.” I refuse to allow fear into my voice. “Because I love you, nobody else will ever touch me. Even though you are constantly touched.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“I love a boy who can't get his shit together, but without him I can't breathe. Thomas is love to me, and this love runs deeper than my blood and stronger than my own sense of instinct and survival. This love is forever-bound.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“There was a time when we were innocent and genuine, and young, stupid in love.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“I'm broken, made of pieces, but my pieces are made of more than just love.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“It doesn't matter what we call it,” ... “We still are what we are.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“I don’t want to be anything but with you.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“But love is battling cocaine for love’s attention.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“The humidity in the air from the sea being so close dampens my skin and flattens the little bit of curl in my hair, but it feels nice.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“I remember the first time I ever saw you, Bliss. I think about that shit all the time.” He presses his lips together before continuing. “I loved you then, you know.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“know he loves me. I never doubt his love. I doubt his intentions and respect. I distrust his motives and allegiance. Love? I smother in dictating love. He’s love's traitor. “My”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“I'm broken, made of pieces, but my pieces are made of more than just love. Adding”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

“I feel naturally florid when I look up again. I look like a flourish. I look the way the word galore feels. I feel uncultivated beautiful, like pure, organic allure.”
― Mary Elizabeth, quote from Delinquents

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