Quotes from Cape Cod Promises

Bella Andre ·  300 pages

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“I never could get close enough to you. In the months we were together, all I wanted was to love you more, to become part of you.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“Live every minute as if it’s your last, so when you’re my age, you have no regrets.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“Just because something’s hard and just because it makes both of us nervous doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it, Reese. Worth absolutely everything.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“After ten years of conflicting feelings, I’m suddenly not conflicted at all.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“What was that?” “Us,” he instantly replied. “Inescapable, unbreakable us.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“Don’t hold my hand in here. It’s hard for me to concentrate when you do.”

“You do realize that makes it even more tempting.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“I remember everything, Trent. Not just the bad, but the good, too.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“She loved the way he deepened the kiss, making her dizzy as he wound his fingers in her hair and angled her head, urging her mouth open wider as he kissed her more forcefully. Reese tore at his shirt, needing to see him, to feel his skin against hers.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“I love you, and I don’t expect you to tell me that back tonight. But I hope you’ll continue to open yourself up to the possibility of us. I promised to always love you, and I’ll do whatever it takes to be with you. And when I do, I’m praying that the only ‘Dear Trent’ note you’ll want to write in the future will be to tell me how much you love me. Just as much as I love you.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“God, you feel good, Reese. Like I’ve finally found the missing piece of me.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“I always need you, Reese,” he told her as he curled his body around hers the way he always used to. “Always.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“Reese is a caring, talented, intelligent woman with a big heart and a strong will.” Every word Trent spoke was filled with love. “I promise you that I will treat her as the love of my life, because that’s who she is.”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

“I would be everything for you if I could.” “You very nearly are,”
― Bella Andre, quote from Cape Cod Promises

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