Quotes from Dark Age

Felix O. Hartmann ·  344 pages

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“Darkness reveals truths that no sun can bring to light, for inside the heart of man resides a beast, only tamed by the shackles of the day.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“If I had known That day follows the night, That every shadow is cast by light, I would have understood The actions that he took.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“Life is like riding a ship into the storm. For every wave you take up, you have to drop just as deep.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“For every God there is a Satan, and because God made all of us godly, there is a Satan in us all.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“You must become your enemy to truly understand him.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“Knowledge is power. The moment the masses acquire this power, control fades. And when control fades, chaos erupts.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“Power is like a house of cards. Leave it alone and it will stand forever. But if you try to build it higher and higher, sooner or later it is bound to collapse.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“The men history declares heroes are merely heroes because they failed to survive their benevolent acts.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“Call it devilish or divine, but once a man lets a thought become prevalent, it turns into reality.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“Sometimes we hold the world in our hands, but in our greed for more let it fall, losing everything that we once had.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

“Our cure for pain is the very root of it: Revenge.”
― Felix O. Hartmann, quote from Dark Age

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Felix O. Hartmann
Born place: in Stuttgart, Germany
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