Quotes from Come, Thou Tortoise

Jessica Grant ·  412 pages

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“I eagerly await more complex concentricity in our Canadian coinage.”
― Jessica Grant, quote from Come, Thou Tortoise

“I would not say no to a tortoise, I said.”
― Jessica Grant, quote from Come, Thou Tortoise

“We drove out to Oregon City where the streets are all named after presidents in the order they were elected, so you can't get lost if you are American and you know your presidents.”
― Jessica Grant, quote from Come, Thou Tortoise

“I had to pretend you didn't exist. That's how much it hurt

She was still thinking if your safety p. 361”
― Jessica Grant, quote from Come, Thou Tortoise

“She was still thinking of your safety p. 362”
― Jessica Grant, quote from Come, Thou Tortoise

About the author

Jessica Grant
Born place: in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Born date January 1, 1972
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