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6+ quotes from Blood from a Stone by Donna Leon

Quotes from Blood from a Stone

Donna Leon ·  355 pages

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“Pucetti’s was the generation that was all in favour of sentiment, sharing other people’s pain, voicing compassion for the downtrodden, yet Brunetti often found in them traces of a ruthlessness that chilled his spirit and made him fearful for the future. He wondered if the cheap sentimentality of television and film had sent them into some sort of emotional insulin shock and suffocated their ability to feel empathy with the unappealing victims of the mess that real life created.”
― Donna Leon, quote from Blood from a Stone

“He remembered enough of his study of logic to recognize a slippery slope when he saw it, even in his own thinking, but still it felt right to suspect that Chiara’s failure to give sympathy might somehow lead to a refusal to give aid.”
― Donna Leon, quote from Blood from a Stone

“Brunetti had once come across the term ‘compassion fatigue’, but thought that the oh-so-clever press had got it wrong, and the term should really be, ‘horror fatigue’.”
― Donna Leon, quote from Blood from a Stone

“Exactly what I said: she’s still a child in many ways, so she’s discovering all the fine and noble causes for the first time, and she still sees each one as a discrete unit: she hasn’t seen the connections or contradictions among them; not yet.’ She”
― Donna Leon, quote from Blood from a Stone

“Then we must consider what an African would want to do with the money to”
― Donna Leon, quote from Blood from a Stone

“Hic scientia finit: Knowledge Stops Here.”
― Donna Leon, quote from Blood from a Stone

About the author

Donna Leon
Born place: in Montclair, New Jersey, The United States
Born date September 28, 1942
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