Quotes from Night World, No. 3

L.J. Smith ·  732 pages

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“People Die...
Beauty Fades...
Love Changes...
And You Will Always Be Alone”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 3

“Soulmates. That was the word. Maggie could sense what it meant. Two people connected, bound to each other forever, soul to soul, in a way that even death couldn't break. Two souls that were destined for each other.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 3

“When she got control of herself a few minutes later, she realized that in his arms she felt almost what she had in her dream, that inexpressible sense of peace and security. Of belonging, utterly.

As long as her soulmate was alive, and they were together, she would be all right.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 3

“To touch him in ways he'd never been touched before, this person who, beyond all logic, was the other half of her. Who belonged to her. Who was her soulmate.”
― L.J. Smith, quote from Night World, No. 3


About the author

L.J. Smith
Born place: in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The United States
Born date September 4, 2018
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