Quotes from Clouds Don't Pass

Abhishek Krishnan ·  323 pages

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“If we don't learn the art of patience and trust, we will end up assuming that we are a failure.”
― Abhishek Krishnan, quote from Clouds Don't Pass

“When I go back to God after my life, I want to make sure I go back with absolutely no talent and tell him, "I used up everything you gave me.”
― Abhishek Krishnan, quote from Clouds Don't Pass

“There is never a problem without a solution. It's just that you don't see it because fear, insecurity and lack of passion make you blind.”
― Abhishek Krishnan, quote from Clouds Don't Pass

“May be that is how life is. Clouds, whether bright or dark, they just keep passing. The duration they stay with us depends on whether the circumstance around us is breezy, windy or stormy.”
― Abhishek Krishnan, quote from Clouds Don't Pass

“There is only one 'best'. The others are just 'good' & 'better'. But 'the best' changes with time & hence, 'the best' is always yet to come.”
― Abhishek Krishnan, quote from Clouds Don't Pass

“The people who are scared of ghosts are the ones who discuss most about them.”
― Abhishek Krishnan, quote from Clouds Don't Pass

“If we don't do what we are passionate about, work would be more like a mere wait for the subsequent month's salary.”
― Abhishek Krishnan, quote from Clouds Don't Pass

About the author

Abhishek Krishnan
Born place: in Chennai, India
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“Човек си строи големи истории, това е истината, и може да им вярва с години, няма значение колко безумни са, и неправдоподобни, носи ги в себе си и толкова. И е щастлив дори, с такива неща. Щастлив. И би могло да не свършва никога.
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That was easy. "I will admit I have a soft spot for fanciful."
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"I don't understand why it matters whether he's in China or not. And of course I wouldn't take the money."
The old woman nodded.
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