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Andrew Smith ·  439 pages

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“Joey told me nothing ever goes back exactly the way it was, that things expand and contract- like breathing, but you could never fill your lungs up with the same air twice.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“And then it's always that one word that makes you so different and puts you outside the overlap of everyone else; and that word is so fucking big and loud, it's the only thing anyone ever hears when your name is spoken.

And whenever that happens to us, all the other words that make us the same disappear in its shadow.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“The thing about rugby is this: You can hate a guy off the pitch who will save your fucking balls on the pitch when you play on the same side. There is nothing more glorious that that.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“Okay, well . . . yeah, I didn’t really say “Shut the fuck up,” because I honestly don’t cuss. But I wanted to. I think, in reality, I raised my finger to my lips and said, “Shhhhh,” so she wouldn’t say anything else as we spiraled into the center of that wish circle.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“He was a little guy, a former winger too, and he was a transplant from England who could talk the most civilized-sounding shit you would ever hear, and he could cuss you out with the most vicious obscenities and”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“And I'm pretty sure that everyone in the Pacific Northwest heard Ryan Dean West shout, "YOUSTEPPEDONMYFUCKINGNUTSYOUSONOFABITCH!”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“And Doc Mom, being the compassionate therapist that she is, laughed until she had tears in her eyes (just like Annie does) and said that was one of the funniest stories she'd ever heard.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“Note to self: In your prayers tonight, be sure to thank God for making (a) that unbelievably hot nurse, (b) compression shorts, and (c) Joey Cosentino.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“And then I wondered, does cussing count in the general scheme of things if you only cuss in your head and not out loud?”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“Seanie's car and I have honestly and openly discussed the matter, and we both enthusiastically granted our consent," I said. "The only thing is, I'm not really sure how to turn her on."
Annie shook her head and groaned.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

“Oh, yeah," I said, dropping my tie and of my one inside-out socks at her feet, "I plan on being completely naked by the time we get to our seats.”
― Andrew Smith, quote from Winger

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“Come here, little one.”
“I want to go back.”
He hoped she stood there arguing for a time. “Obey your husband.”
She wrinkled her nose. “It’s broad daylight.”
Keemah, come.”
Growing tired of just looking when he could be touching, Hunter cocked his head and let her see him leering. He was awarded a fetching glimpse of slender, creamy thighs and honey gold. She gasped and dropped to her knees as if someone had dealt a blow to the backs of her legs.
Tucking her skirt under her knees, she cried, “Have you no shame?”
His answer was a slow grin. Seizing her wrist, he drew her toward him. “There is no shame. You are my woman.”
Pulled off balance, she fell across his chest. Squirming, but halfheartedly, she said, “There’s a time and a place for everything, and this isn’t it.”
“No?” He ran a hand under her blouse. “I say it is a very good time.”
She jerked when his fingers scaled her ribs. “That tickles.”
Without warning he rolled with her, coming out on top. He kissed her lightly on the lips while he moved his hand from her ribs to her breast. The small mound of warm flesh fit perfectly in his hand, the crest springing taut against his palm. Scarlet flamed on her cheeks. Unable to resist, Hunter lifted her blouse and moved off her to look, one thigh slanted across both of hers to keep her still. He had guessed right; when she was shy, she grew pink all over.
“Hunter!” She tried to shove the leather down. “Someone might come!”
“No one comes.”
― Catherine Anderson, quote from Comanche Moon

“I believe that God hears our prayers, and cherishes them. I believe He answers by sending us His spirit, giving us strenght, and peace, and insight. I don't think He responds by turning away bullets and curing cancer. Though sometimes that does happen."

Harlene frowned. "In other words, sometimes, the answer is no?"

"No. Sometimes the answer is "This is life, in all its variety. Make your way through it with grace, and never forget that I love you.”
― Julia Spencer-Fleming, quote from In the Bleak Midwinter

“The war has changed you, too, Caroline. Your faith is stronger, your compassion deeper, your love more intense than ever before. It's as if all the qualities I saw in you and fell in love with have been refined and purified.”
― Lynn Austin, quote from Candle in the Darkness

“I do not think much of ages. People are people. What does it matter how old or young they are? It is a category, and I do not like categories. It is a sort of pigeonhole or a label.”
― Louis L'Amour, quote from The Lonesome Gods

“We have been shirking too long, and that's unworthy of a great civilization. To see off the new Dark Ages will be tough and demanding. The alternative will be worse.”
― Mark Steyn, quote from America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It

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