8+ quotes from The Secret of the Old Clock

Quotes from The Secret of the Old Clock

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“Read, read, read. That's all I can say.”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

“Not many girls would have used their wits the way you did," the officer observed.”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

“I promise to be as careful as a pussycat walking up a slippery roof,”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

“Ada and Isabel had been unpopular in high school. They had talked incessantly of money and social position, making themselves very obnoxious to the other students.”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

“No, no!” Nancy cried out. She then gave a quick but complete resume of what had taken place at the Tophams’ cottage. Jeff Tucker added his account. Nancy reported what had taken place at the Tophams’ cottage The police officer needed no further urging. Immediately he summoned four men and issued orders.”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

“We have photostating equipment right here. I’ll have a couple of copies made while you wait. Or shall I send them to your office?” Mr. Drew”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

“Soon a messenger brought back the will, together with two photostats of the document.”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

“That’s the direction the thieves took,” Nancy told him, noting the dust and tire marks which revealed the van’s exit onto the highway. “But,” she added, glancing at the dashboard clock, “they’re probably too far away by this time for us to catch them.” “Yes, ding it,” Jeff muttered. Nancy drove as rapidly as the law permitted toward Melborne. All the while, Jeff Tucker peered from one side of the road to the other.”
― quote from The Secret of the Old Clock

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