Quotes from Blood Bound

Rachel Vincent ·  463 pages

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“Cam laughed. "You know, my grandmother always said no woman with a decent vocabulary would resort to profanity."
Kori huffed. "My grandmother said, 'Get the hell out of my house, bitch, before I throw you out on your ass.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“I realized that I'd rather die with you than live with someone else.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“I'm searching for a shred of humanity in that shriveled tangle of arteries you call a heart.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

Cedo nulli. Latin for "I yield to no one.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“I love you, Olivia," he whispered, and my heart ached as if it would break in half. "You think we'll die if we stay together, but I've been dying slowly for the last six years. I'm taking my life back, Liv. Our life together. And this time, I'm not going to let you go.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“You don't know me. Don't ever think you know me. The only things you know about me are the things you made me do, and that illustrates your character, not mine.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“Congratulations. Your official super-nerd badge is in the mail.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“You've been shot, Liv."
Oh. How the hell had I missed that?”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“That's because your new tracker couldn't find his own dick in the dark.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“Wow," Liv said, when I dropped the mallet back into the drawer. "That looked like fun. I call dibs on the next over-the-top destruction of evidence.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“The other three incoming calls were from his building superintendent, his pharmacy and a telephone survey company."
"Bastards. They always call during dinner."
Liv laughed as I slid the sliced steak onto a platter and topped it with sautéed vegetables. "Forget crime lords and corrupt politicians - telemarketers are the root of all evil."
"Now you're getting it.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“Her mouth was open, as if she wanted to say something, and I wanted to kiss her to show her that sometimes you don't need words. Sometimes they only get in the way, and you end up talking yourself out of things you need. People you want.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“I have choices," I insisted, refusing to break eye contact. "We both do. I may have to make mine carefully, and make a few compromises along the way, but I have a choice. I choose you.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“Well that's too bad, because this is an assassination."
"No, this is an execution."
"The difference would be...?"
"Assassination is murder. Execution is justice.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“Your wife is psychotic."
"Michaela is just angry. Anger does fascinating things to a woman - not two react the same."
"Yeah, well, she's overreacting. With a knife."
He nodded with a small, almost nostalgic smile. "It was my wedding gift to her. The handle is ivory."
Sick bastard. "Well, at least my murder weapon will have sentimental value."
"That's actually an honour, you know."
"I'll keep that in mind as my life flashes before my eyes.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“I held her tighter, just because I could. Because she was fierce, and beautiful, and mind.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“I laughed and it almost felt good. "Is that a dig at my liquor cabinet?"
Cam smiled. "That wasn't liquor, it was swill. And that wasn't a cabinet, it was a drawer.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“I could take care of that obstacle for her - I'd tear down anything standing between us - but I couldn't destroy what I couldn't even see.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“Why would you do that? Why the hell would you ever think I wanted you to do that? I’m supposed to protect you.”

Liv’s gaze hardened again. “Right after you drag me back to the cave by my hair, right? Damn, you can be a real asshole sometimes.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

“His safety was more important than anything to me. Even if he would never know enough to understand that.”
― Rachel Vincent, quote from Blood Bound

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