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Nikki Sex ·  404 pages

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“Men? They are simple creatures. Is there something wrong with your man? Feed him, and take him to your bed. Et Voila! All problems, they disappear. But if something is wrong with the woman? Je suis désolé. Women need to talk.– André Chevalier”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“BDSM is like visiting a kinky Amusement Park. Once you pay the entry fee, you hop on an erotic roller coaster of deviant self-discovery. Although I have the threat of pain before me, I’m not even close to wanting to get off of this ride. It’s such a fucking thrill. Or is that a thrilling fuck? Whatever. Either way, it’s as hot as hell.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“For most men, at the very least, sex is a daily deal. Men need to come. If they aren’t doing it with you, then they’re doing it with themselves – or worse, with someone else.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“My Master is so utterly in tune with me, that I’ve never had to use my safeword. And trust me, I’d use it if I needed to.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“Pain is the erotic spice of sex. This wild, erratic thought flickers through my brain. And my Master is a Master Chef. What does that make me? Ah. I must be his edible, fuckable, artistic creation.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” – Wayne W. Dyer”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“Seduction involves elements of grace, class and elegance. It is an art and a gift, for both seducer and the seduced.” – André Chevalier”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“My gorgeous little rabbit,” I say, in a voice that is low and husky with passion. “I may dominate you in the bedroom, Em, but you dominate my thoughts, my hopes and my dreams. I love you, Emily Jarman and I’m going to fall in love with you again and again, each and every day of our lives.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“I know that he’s watching me with attentive interest while wielding his flogger with casual, yet expert skill. He moves closer. Heat, sexual tension and pent up fury radiate from his body. My Master’s darker nature is fucking scary.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“Some truths can be only be found when one looks with the heart, not the eyes.” – André Chevalier”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“I chuckle under my breath. I should’ve known. What woman can look in a mirror and not immediately spot every flaw, real or imaginary?”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“Desire begins in a woman’s mind.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

“Good sex isn’t complete without cuddling and aftercare.

Women instinctively know this. Men, if they’re smart, figure it out.”
― Nikki Sex, quote from Kink

About the author

Nikki Sex
Born place: in Portland, Oregon, The United States
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