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Quotes from Air Bound

Christine Feehan ·  400 pages

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“Her mouth was perfect under his, her taste wrapping him up in addiction. He craved her the way others might drugs. The depth of his feelings shook him. The passion and love mixed together inside him, welling up like a volcano, consumed him.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“Don’t use ‘tea’ and ‘manure’ in the same sentence or I’ll have to pound you into the ground.” “You’re such a baby,” Lexi said. “It’s science. You’re supposed to love science.” “I draw the line at foul-smelling llama-manure tea.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“There’s danger in separating yourself from everyone, not wanting anyone to see inside of you where you’re vulnerable. We know the world isn’t safe and perfect like the fairy tales. But if you let it eat away at you, when that one comes along, that woman you know is going to make your world for you, you won’t see her, because you’re too busy hiding. I almost missed my chance with her.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“My mother used to say, better the devil you know than the one you don’t. I say, if you’re living with the devil, kick him out and find something different.”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“Lissa slipped off the bed. “Don’t say it. Things happen in Sea Haven that can’t be explained, and I’m not tying myself to any man, let alone one of those Prakenskii brothers. Can you imagine my personality with a man like that? So domineering. I’d shove him off a cliff. You just can’t put something like that out into the universe and not have it come back and bite you in the butt.”
“My butt’s pretty small,” Airiana pointed out. She swept both hands through her thick hair, breathing deeply. She was beginning to feel normal again, although a residue of the nightmare had lodged in the pit of her stomach, leaving her with a vague uneasiness.
“Yes, it is. But I’m kind of curvy. Which means my butt is just big enough for fate to laugh its head off while it bites me. I’m not taking any chances.”

-Lissa & Airiana”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“You said you see patterns,” Lexi said. “What did you mean by that?”
“The day my mother died, I felt the wind on my face and I looked up at the clouds. I could see this amazing pattern forming, always moving, but immediately I knew something was very wrong. It was there, right in front of me. Who sees forecasts of danger or death in clouds?” Airiana pressed her fingers to her eyes. She had the beginnings of a wicked headache.
“You do, obviously,” Lissa said.

-Lexi, Airiana, & Lissa”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“So you don’t think I’m crazy because I see patterns all around me?” Airiana asked, drawing her knees up to rest her chin on top of them.
“No, I think you’re perfectly sane,” Blythe said. “A little mixed up, but that’s to be expected given what you’ve been through.”
“Let’s not go that far,” Lissa teased. “She’s got it in her head that we’re all going to find ourselves with a Prakenskii man in our laps.”
Lexi nearly spewed her tea across the room. “Don’t say that. Good grief, Lissa. This is Sea Haven. You can’t put something like that out into the universe and not expect repercussions.”
“It wasn’t me,” Lissa denied, holding up both hands. “Airiana said it first, and I told her the exact same thing.”

-Airiana, Blythe, Lissa, & Lexi”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“So they really put in a bid on the piece of property we’ve been salivating over for the last four years?” Airiana asked. “Well, Lexi’s been salivating over. I presume they plan on joining the two properties.”
“That’s the plan,” Lexi said. She couldn’t hide her smile and this time she didn’t try. “The soil is really good. There’s a very large section of forest that is just awesome as well. I’ve been talking to Thomas about possibly getting a few llamas. The manure is excellent for plants.”
Airiana groaned. “It’s too early in the morning to be talking about manure, Lexi, especially in such an enthusiastic tone.”

-Airiana & Lexi”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“Llamas? Really, Lex? For their manure?” Airiana asked as Lexi headed toward the door. “You weren’t kidding, were you?”
“There are studies done about concocting a sort of tea with their manure and using it on the plants . . .”
Airiana held up her hand. “Don’t use ‘tea’ and ‘manure’ in the same sentence or I’ll have to pound you into the ground.”
“You’re such a baby,” Lexi said. “It’s science. You’re supposed to love science.”
“I draw the line at foul-smelling llama-manure tea.”

-Airiana & Lexi”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“Damn it, woman,” he snapped. “Stop crying. Are you hysterical?”
“Maybe.” Her voice was muffled by the pillow and her hands.

-Maxim & Airiana”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“In his entire life he’d never had the inclination to gather a woman up, cradle her against his chest and rock her just to soothe her—until now.

-Maxim's thoughts”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“Tears swam in her sky blue eyes and his heart squeezed down like a vise. It took every ounce of discipline he possessed not to press his palm over his chest.
“Damn it,” he swore at her between clenched teeth. “Stop with the tears.” She had to stop. He felt a little desperate.

-Airiana & Maxim”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

“I happen to know what family you come from, although I know I’m not supposed to know, and I’m certain you can manufacture proof of anything you want.”
“That’s true. I can. But I didn’t."

-Airiana & Maxim”
― Christine Feehan, quote from Air Bound

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