5+ quotes from Uther by Jack Whyte

Quotes from Uther

Jack Whyte ·  916 pages

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“She knew exactly how he was feeling, because experience had taught her that the kind of excitement she was feeling at that moment was never, ever one-sided. On the contrary, she knew that it was born of acute and mutual anticipation, and she knew, too, that it would not be denied.”
― Jack Whyte, quote from Uther

“Their sudden intimacy was like the explosive combustion that engulfs and consumes a moth that has fluttered too close to a candle flame; a completely unexpected turn of events that took both of them unawares and swept them irresistibly up and out of themselves as it hurled them into each other’s arms.”
― Jack Whyte, quote from Uther

“I suspect that much of life is like that. We seldom see what is closest to our eyes.”
― Jack Whyte, quote from Uther

“I knew even then, the first time that I saw you, that I loved you.”
― Jack Whyte, quote from Uther

“A man is a fool to live in hopes of a better tomorrow. I have a thousand, better ways today to spend what time remains ahead of me, and I have brighter, lighter and more pleasant places in which to spend it.”
― Jack Whyte, quote from Uther

About the author

Jack Whyte
Born place: in Johnstone, Renfrewshire,Scotland, The United Kingdom
Born date January 1, 1939
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