Quotes from A Gate of Night

Bella Forrest ·  276 pages

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“we hold our fate in our hands. We always have a choice. Don’t settle for less than the future that you dream of with”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“I will wait for you, Vivienne. I don’t care how many centuries it takes before you’re ready, but I will wait for you.”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“You are who you choose to be. No matter how much light is shed upon you, if you still choose to remain in darkness, that’s your doing, not anyone else’s.”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“Pawn or queen, they’re just pieces to be yanked around by whoever is playing the game.”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“That’s because you’re doing all the talking. Frankly,”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“Yes. Tonight’s the night, Sofia.” He”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“No one ever said this marriage was going to be fair,”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“It had been months since I was taken from The Shade.”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“It’s a controlling obsession. It accomplishes nothing.”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

“I wanted to always be in control and yet it was so clear to me that my life—much more the lives of those I loved—was never meant to be manageable.”
― Bella Forrest, quote from A Gate of Night

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