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“Speaking of which, about assuming you had a condom—I just meant that you, with your experience, would be prepared for responsible sex, even if it were on the fly. An intelligent man is prepared for spontaneity.”
― Roberta Pearce, quote from A Bird Without Wings

“. . . I suppose one starts out, as a child, being romantic and dreaming of adventure. Poetic. Then reality comes along, and with it, a whole lot of prose.”
― Roberta Pearce, quote from A Bird Without Wings

“Didn’t being out in the storm scare you?”
“Try a couple of high-summer prairie storms in a trailer,” she mused. “That either makes you terrified of them or indifferent to them.”
― Roberta Pearce, quote from A Bird Without Wings

My fantasy was that I was the long-lost switched-at-birth child of wealthy eccentrics. One day, they would find me and take me away from the gypsy caravan that was my life, and give me hot meals, a decent dress, and a pony.”
― Roberta Pearce, quote from A Bird Without Wings

“Yes, he scorned his family’s decadent ways, but perhaps that wasn’t so much about the money per se, but rather the wastefulness of it; the lack of energy and drive it represented, as if the Ransomes were—like that postmodern throng of the famous-for-being-famous set—some odd collection of spoiled Emperor-brats walking a red carpet without any discernible talent to clothe them. The things the Ransomes—and their once-large fortune—could have accomplished . . . they could have changed the world, or at least impacted it in positive ways.”
― Roberta Pearce, quote from A Bird Without Wings

“The frizzy and dowdy was because I had let little things in my life slide. The stuttering was because I was nervous around you.”
“Why aren't you now?”
“I don't have a crush on you anymore,” she retorted.
― Roberta Pearce, quote from A Bird Without Wings

“She deserved some real breaks in her life. And he intended on giving her every one he could.
Even if she stole his lunch again.
With a grin, he sat down to work.”
― Roberta Pearce, quote from A Bird Without Wings

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