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Quotes from Winter's Passage

Julie Kagawa ·  49 pages

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“His breath hitched, and he regarded me hungrily. “You’re playing with fire, you know that?”
“That’s weird, considering you’re an ice prin—” I didn’t get any further, as Ash leaned in and kissed me.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“Part of me wanted to walk up to him and hug him from behind, and part of me wanted to hurl a snowball at his perfect face to get some kind of reaction.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“Don't worry too much about him, Meghan. Robin Goodfellow has always been extra-ordinarily difficult to kill."

― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“My eyelids flickered, and Ash made a noise that was almost a growl. "Dammit, Meghan," he snarled, grabbing both my arms. "I am not going to lose you this close to home. Get up!" He rose, pulling me to my feet and, before I could even register what was going on, pressed his lips to mine.

― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“Summer and Winter were not supposed to fall in love.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“And, truth be told, I'm curious myself. I wouldn't want Goodfellow dying before we ever resolved our duel. That would be unfortunate.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“He sat across from me now, chin on his hands, brooding into the fire. Part of me wanted to walk up to him and hug him from behind, and part of me wanted to hurl a snowball at his perfect face to get some kind of reaction.
I opted for a less suicidal route. “Hey,” I said, poking at the flames with a stick, making them cough sparks. “Earth to Ash. What are you thinking about?”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“Hasty and reckless, just like a human." He sniffed, staring straight at Ash, now. "But...I would have thought that you knew better, prince."

― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“I know who you are.” Ash’s voice shook slightly, which chilled me even more. That Ash, fearless, unshakable Ash, was afraid of this thing filled me with dread.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“Really?" i stared at him, surprised. "You're going to Tir Na Nog? Why?"

"I told you before, I am looking for someone."


"You ask a wearying amount of questions, human."

― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“I replayed our last kiss in my mind, clinging to it like a life vest in a raging sea. Had I imagined his feelings for me, misread his intentions? What if everything he’d said was just a ploy, a scheme to get me to Tir Na Nog and the queen?
No, I couldn’t believe that. The emotion on his face that night was real. I had to believe that he cared, I had to believe in him, or I would go crazy.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“ i'm your enemy, meghan. never forget that. if Mab tells me to kill you in front of the entire court, it's my duty to obey.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“If there are three things I’ve learned in my time among the fey, they are this: don’t eat anything you’re offered in Faeryland, don’t go swimming in quiet little ponds and never, ever, make a bargain with anyone.”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

“Bienvenida a la Corte del Invierno. Por favor, ponte cómoda. e temo que podrías estar aqui durante mucho, mucho tiempo -La Reina Mab”
― Julie Kagawa, quote from Winter's Passage

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