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7+ quotes from Where Silence Gathers by Kelsey Sutton

Quotes from Where Silence Gathers

Kelsey Sutton ·  360 pages

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“Even though it can be hopeless, or unhealthy, or just stupid, we love anyway. Because that’s what love is. Choosing to give it, especially when you shouldn’t.”
― Kelsey Sutton, quote from Where Silence Gathers

“I keep staring, and I wonder why we push people away. There are a thousands reasons, really, but I think the biggest one - the most important one - is if we don’t, they get close. And then they can see.”
― Kelsey Sutton, quote from Where Silence Gathers

“There’s no point, I want to shout back. Let me go.

But that’s what love is; holding on and holding tight no matter what. Through death, through pain, through everything. There’s a part of me that wants to turn back and be worthy of it.

I’m standing on the edge of that bridge, though, and I’m tilting forward. Falling. There is no turning back.”
― Kelsey Sutton, quote from Where Silence Gathers

“If I listen hard enough, I can almost hear the stars whispering to each other. Cruel, biting whispers.”
― Kelsey Sutton, quote from Where Silence Gathers

“The most painful emotions are better than none at all. Ironically, we make you human.”
― Kelsey Sutton, quote from Where Silence Gathers

“As infuriating as he was, I found Forgiveness ... interesting. It's been impossible to forget, the way he looked at me. Not like I'm a dealer selling the drug he wants, or just another duty to be carried though. No, Forgiveness stared at me as if I'm someone.

And that's a drug all its own.”
― Kelsey Sutton, quote from Where Silence Gathers

“With the taste of rum in my mouth and the sting of remembrance in my heart, I set my sights on the man who killed my family.”
― Kelsey Sutton, quote from Where Silence Gathers

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Kelsey Sutton
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