Quotes from What the Body Remembers

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“I do not need to understand words to know he is disappointed I am not a boy. Some things need no translation. And I know, because my body remembers without benefit of words, that men who do not welcome girl-babies will not treasure me as I grow to woman - though he call me princess just because the Guru told him to.

I have come so far, I have borne so much pain and emptiness!

But men have not yet changed.”
― quote from What the Body Remembers

“Learning is just remembering slowly, like simmer coming to boil.”
― quote from What the Body Remembers

“Vaheguru, forgive me, but a woman must choose the wisdom of lies over the dangers of truth.”
― quote from What the Body Remembers

“Why does Papaji tell Jeevan this story? Roop wonders. Whenever Gujri tells Roop a story, se reminds Roop that stories are not told for th telling, but for the teaching.”
― quote from What the Body Remembers

“She leans over Roop the way Sardarji leaned over Satya the years she cried for children, brushing tears from Roop's heavy lashes with her lips. She strokes her head as a mother would, says. "Slpee little one, we are together now."
And Roop sleeps, overcome by the afternoon heat.
While Satya watches her.
So trusting, so very stupid.”
― quote from What the Body Remembers

Popular quotes

“america...is the interplay of three hundred million rube goldberg contraptions invented only yesterday”
― Kurt Vonnegut, quote from Timequake

“Видите ли, Джуффин, я с рождения абсолютно уверен, что совершенно замечателен сам по себе и никакая дурная репутация мне не повредит! То есть я слишком самовлюблен, чтобы утруждать себя попытками самоутвердиться, если вы понимаете, что я имею в виду…”
― Max Frei, quote from The Stranger

“I just needed to realize that style was like personality - it didn't always have to be consistent; it just had to be something you lived with.”
― David Levithan, quote from Wide Awake

“Second, and far more important: tuck your chin. You're going to get hurt, so expect it and be ready. You may as well see it coming.”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“I got this strong feeling of missing him, like he was someone who I loved who had died and gone away, someone who was mostly a memory. I wanted to grab him and say okay, I was sorry about Tommy, it was just a stupid mistake and I knew I’d hurt him and I wish I hadn’t. Because I did love him. I did.”
― Sara Zarr, quote from Story of a Girl

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