4+ quotes from Sentence of Marriage by Shayne Parkinson

Quotes from Sentence of Marriage

Shayne Parkinson ·  414 pages

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“Aren’t you scared of him?’ Amy asked, slumping down and trying to make herself inconspicuous. ‘He always looks so fierce. Don’t you remember that time he nearly caught us on his land? I was sure he’d give us a beating if he’d got hold of us.’ ‘Humph! My pa would have had something to say to him if he had.’ ‘That wouldn’t have been much comfort.’ ‘Yes, it would. Anyway, who’d be scared of him—sour old man like that.’ Lizzie dismissed Charlie Stewart with a wave of her hand.”
― Shayne Parkinson, quote from Sentence of Marriage

“he gets all this advice. Anyway, I don’t think Frank”
― Shayne Parkinson, quote from Sentence of Marriage

“Eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves,”
― Shayne Parkinson, quote from Sentence of Marriage

“me, girl.’ He stared closely at”
― Shayne Parkinson, quote from Sentence of Marriage

About the author

Shayne Parkinson
Born place: New Zealand
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