7+ quotes from The Nymph King by Gena Showalter

Quotes from The Nymph King

Gena Showalter ·  384 pages

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“I love this quote when Valerian the King of the Nymphs says to his mate Shaye;

"I am Valerian, leader of the nymphs. You may call me Oh God, that is what the other surface dwellers have preferred to call me".”
― Gena Showalter, quote from The Nymph King

“Did you dream of me?" he asked.

"Yes," she admitted grudgingly. She had. She'd dreamed of his hands caressing her, of his mouth devouring her.

His lush lips inched into a surprised but pleased smile.

"You were naked," she told him.

His grin spread; his eyes gleamed with satisfaction.

"And tied up..."

He arched his eye brows in smug expectation. "I did not know the idea of bondage would please you."

"Oh, I love the idea of typing you up." She paused dramatically. "Just like in my dream, you'll be secured to an ant-hill and the little things will eat you alive.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from The Nymph King

“You are the woman of my heart. The one I have been awaiting the whole of my life, though I didn't know it until I spied you. there isn't one thing that makes you special to me, but all things...”
― Gena Showalter, quote from The Nymph King

“Loving someone gives them permission to do things to you because they know you'll forgive them. -Shaye”
― Gena Showalter, quote from The Nymph King

“I'm trusting you not to break my heart. If it gets even a scratch, I'll break your face. -Shaye”
― Gena Showalter, quote from The Nymph King

“Emotional entanglements are messy. And if I don’t get involved, I don’t have to worry about getting hurt. -SHAYE”
― Gena Showalter, quote from The Nymph King

“Every resistance will be met and conquered until you've soared over the sweet edge of surrender.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from The Nymph King

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