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Quotes from Puckoon

Spike Milligan ·  160 pages

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“Many people die of thirst but the Irish are born with one.”
― Spike Milligan, quote from Puckoon

“Contraceptives should be used on every conceivable occasion.”
― Spike Milligan, quote from Puckoon

“Life wasn't too bad. The trouble with Man was, even while he was having a good time, he didn't appreciate it. Why, thought Milligan, this very moment might be the happiest in me life. The very thought of it made him miserable.”
― Spike Milligan, quote from Puckoon

“Patience, thought Milligan, that word was invented by dull buggers who couldn't think quick enough.”
― Spike Milligan, quote from Puckoon

“Author? Author? Did you write these legs?'
'Well, I don't like dem. I don't like 'em at all at all. I could ha' writted better legs meself.”
― Spike Milligan, quote from Puckoon

“The width of neck and shoulder suggested a rugby player, the broken nose confirmed it. Which shows just how wrong you can be as he never played the game in his life.”
― Spike Milligan, quote from Puckoon

“Come, come, come? I'm not asking for hundreds of pounds, just a little to start with. Will someone say ten shillings?'
'I can say it, Father' said Milligan, 'but I haven't got it.'
'I've got it,' thought Dr Goldstein, 'but I'm not going to say it.”
― Spike Milligan, quote from Puckoon

About the author

Spike Milligan
Born place: in Ahmednagar, India
Born date April 16, 1918
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