10+ quotes from Violent Ends by Shaun David Hutchinson

Quotes from Violent Ends

Shaun David Hutchinson ·  384 pages

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“I know,” I say, slapping the ash off my palm. The words rush from my mouth before she says them. It’s easier to hear it in my own voice. “I ruined your body. Killed your husband.”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“Dad rattles the leash he brought in with him, and the noise causes an explosion of doggy joy beside me.”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“My mouth fell open. “Is this real life? You’re giving me your dog?” He chuckled. “Yeah. My dog that was supposed to be the consolation prize when our parents forced me to go back to public school. My dog that sleeps in your room and that you walk and feed every day.”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“I know there are some who say that because we shared a home and DNA with Kirby, my parents and I deserve to be arrested, tortured, or even killed. At”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“He was part of our family, and we weren’t wrong for loving him.” Part”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“If you’re ready,” I say, wiping my eyes while he blows his nose, “we should head to the funeral home. Do you think they allow dogs in there?”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“Teddy complained to the camp leader that his pack was too heavy, the camp leader mocked him.”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“He was . . . nice,” Teddy says. “He was really nice to me. Remember Rick?” His dad nods, frowning. “That kid was a dick.” “Well, Kirby stopped him from being a dick to me.” Something”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“The victory Mark had been feeling swelled for a moment, crescendoing into a strange sort of joy. Kirby looked defeated. No, more than that. He looked broken. The expression in Kirby’s eyes dragged Mark’s joy down with it. The”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

“I’m saying you’re acting like a jerk, and I don’t want to hang out with a jerk.” “Are you breaking up with me?” he asked. Katelyn let out a frustrated noise. “You don’t get it at all, do you?”
― Shaun David Hutchinson, quote from Violent Ends

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Shaun David Hutchinson
Born place: in West Palm Beach, The United States
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