Quotes from Trust in Me

J. Lynn ·  352 pages

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“Holy shit, Strawberry Shortcake just ran me over.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“What is it about her?” he asked, sounding like he truly wanted to understand the attraction I could barely figure out. “She’s not like any other girl you’ve gone out with. She’s fucking awkward as hell and quiet. She’s pretty, but—”
“She’s fucking beautiful,” I cut in, daring him to disagree.
He didn’t. “Is she worth this?”
“Yes,” I said.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Holy shit? She said yes? I had to force myself to play cool, because I was about to fist pump the sky or some shit.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“The truth was, if I was perfect, it was only because of her. It would only ever be because of her.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“She’s cute, you know?” Ollie bent forward and picked up the last slice of pizza and stood. “Only she could pass out in the presence of our awesomeness.”
I laughed softly. “It was too much for her. She was overwhelmed.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“I stood and went to her side. Taking her hands, I tugged her onto her feet and wrapped my arms around her waist. I lowered my head, brushing my lips across her cheek. “I’m serious about you, Avery. If you want me for real, you have me.”
Shortcake pressed her palms to my chest. “I want you for real.”
“Good to know.” I slanted my lips over hers. “Because, if not, this would get a whole lot awkward.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“I'm going to marry that girl one day.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“I took my shirt off for you?” ... “Yes. Lovely moment.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“As cocky as this sounds, I knew I could walk onto that campus and get a date with the nearest available girl. Probably even a girl who wasn’t available, but with Avery, it was like trying to hit on a nun. And not a naughty nun.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“This is also not a kiss". I kissed her for real this time.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“I’ve been trying to get you to say I’m wonderful from the first time you plowed into me. If I’d known that all it would take was handing you a toothbrush, I would have done that a long time ago. My loss.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“You’re spending a lot of time with this girl.”
“Whoa!” I stepped out of the shower, buck -ass naked, finding Ollie standing in the doorway of the bathroom. “What the hell, man?”
“What?” He shrugged. “Not like I haven’t seen your junk before.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“I bet you have girls hanging all over you. Dozens would probably kill to be in my spot and here I am, allergic to your bread.”
I looked up. “Why? Because of my near godlike perfection?”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Is it because she’s a challenge to you?” she asked, not looking away. “Because if you’re going out with her because she’s not easy, I swear to God, I will cut you.”
I burst into laughter. “Cut me?”
Her eyes narrowed. “I’m not joking.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“I really don’t think you could appear any badder, Ollie.” He huffed as he kicked up his legs onto the coffee table.
“At least I know ‘badder’ isn't a word.” Jase smirked.
“That’s about all you know.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“When I reached for the button on her jeans, she smacked my hands away. “I think I can do that,” she said. “Are you sure?” I teased. “Because I’m here at your service and taking your jeans off is something I feel I’d be exceptionally wonderful at.” Her lips twitched. “I’m sure you would be.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“I’d been taking things slow, so slow I wondered if I could go any slower. Every night I ended up going one on one with myself to the point that my hand was starting to get numb while I took notes in class.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Anthing else you're allergic to?
Besides penecellin and guys who bust up into my Apartment? No.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Texas was ungodly hot. Like the circles of hell kind of hot.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“If Avery was a whore, so was a nun”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Keep calling me sweetheart and you're going to be limping”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Cam, I think it's pretty cool that you're spending time with Avery. I like her. She's nice.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Oh, Sweetheart. We've all done stuff we aren't proud of. If you knew... The point is, I don't know why you did this. I hope that whatever the reason was, it's something you've come to Terms with. I don't think any less of you because of it. I never did.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Thinking about her, knowing that she was so close and completely out of reach just killed me.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“So now that we know what a date entails, we should go out on one.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“The colour books great on her, but she Looks beautiful every day.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Your girl doesn’t seem like the type who’s into the party scene.”
I got hung up on the phrase “your girl” and the rush of pride it sent through me for what was probably a second too long. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”
Jase chuckled softly. “She’s turned you into a changed man, hasn’t she?”
I smiled as I grabbed my keys. Jase might be right. Since I’d met Avery in August, a lot of my habits had changed, even more so during the weeks following fight night. “Something like that.”
“Well, have fun. Don’t impregnate her.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

“Texas was ungodly hot. Like the circles of hell kind of hot. Even in the shaded interior of the rental car with cool air blasting from the vents, the heat seeped in from every tiny crack.”
― J. Lynn, quote from Trust in Me

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