Quotes from True Love and Other Disasters

Rachel Gibson ·  345 pages

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"I've tried. I can't. These past few days, not knowing if you were okay have been hell."
-"I'm okay."
"I'm not.”
― Rachel Gibson, quote from True Love and Other Disasters

“She took a deep breath and forgot to exhale. She wondered what it would be like if she licked him up one side and down the other.
"What are you thinking?"
She suddenly felt kind of hot and dizzy and accidentally let Layla out.
"That I want to lick your tattoo," she whispered.”
― Rachel Gibson, quote from True Love and Other Disasters

“Ne možeš kontrolirati to tko ce te privuci. A ne možeš ni
kontrolirati koga tvoje srce želi.«”
― Rachel Gibson, quote from True Love and Other Disasters

“»Možete nešto željeti, gospodo Duffy, ali to ne znaci
da cete to i dobiti. Nešto silno željeti nekada jednostavno
nije dovoljno.«”
― Rachel Gibson, quote from True Love and Other Disasters

“»Pratite me do sobe?« upitala je i ne pokušavajuci
prikriti razdražljivost.
»Da.« Ali ni on nije zvucao sretno zbog toga.
»Zašto? Ne morate me pratiti do sobe.«
»Ja sam drag momak.«
Trpko se nasmijala i pogledala ga krajickom oka.
»Ako to stvarno mislite, gadno se varate. Možda su vas
previše puta udarili u glavu.«”
― Rachel Gibson, quote from True Love and Other Disasters

“Ova je veza
osuðena na to da završi slomljenim srcem, ali možda,
bude li oprezna, možda joj nece ukrasti cijelo srce. Bude li
pazila, možda uspije sacuvati barem komadic.”
― Rachel Gibson, quote from True Love and Other Disasters

About the author

Rachel Gibson
Born place: Boise, Idaho, The United States
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