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Isamu Fukui ·  432 pages

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“When death lies ahead, it's natural to look back.”
― Isamu Fukui, quote from Truancy

“I believe love is when you are willing to value someone's or something's existence above your own.”
― Isamu Fukui, quote from Truancy

“There come times in our lives when we do things that we don't understand. We confuse ourselves, we might even logically oppose our impulses, and yet we act on them anyway.

There are some things that we feel that we absolutely must do. We might know that they're wrong, or pointless, or gravely punishable, and yet we do them anyway. These actions are not born of anger or emotion - we are perfectly sober. It's rather inexplicable. When the time comes, we can't stop ourselves, and so we cannot blame ourselves.”
― Isamu Fukui, quote from Truancy

“Has anything in particular been bothering you?

Plenty of things. I can't remember some of them, but they piss me off anyway.”
― Isamu Fukui, quote from Truancy

“Money is a trivial thing. How you spend it is nothing compared to how you spend your life.”
― Isamu Fukui, quote from Truancy

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