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22+ quotes from The Void by J.D. Horn

Quotes from The Void

J.D. Horn ·  322 pages

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“Everything is made up of energy, and where there is energy, there is potential.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“Like with all other things in life, magic is just a solution that offers its own set of complications.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“I had come to realize that it is possible for someone to go too far to be forgiven. The best you could do was walk away and pray they didn’t try to follow you.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“The old ones exist outside the dimension we experience as linear time. Bound as most of us are by the flow of time, we aren’t able to experience their machine as a functioning whole. From any given point in our timeline, one part of the machine is viewed as having existed in the past. Another in the future. The only moment when it is possible for us to experience their device as a functioning whole is when it is flipped on. The image your subconscious carries is of the moment when our planet was about to be destroyed. That moment transcends history; it exists in the past, in the future—” “And in the now,”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“But I will always be hers.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“A sense of guilt. A soul ends up in Gehenna not because of what she did in life, but because of the shame she feels for her choices, her failures.” She looked up at me. “Most of these people aren’t evil. They aren’t even bad.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“You suppose you are a harmless flame, when you are in truth a nuclear blast.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“No,” she said and turned her empty eyes”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“Sometimes people get too lost for the saving.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“Some souls eventually let go of their pain and find their own way out,” she said, slowly turning her attention from me to Aunt Iris. “Others stay trapped. The demonic faces you saw there—they aren’t demons. They are humans who have been in Gehenna too long. Gehenna has twisted them. Squeezed every last drop of humanity out of them. They grow so dense, so dark, so heavy that sometimes one will drop out of Gehenna and back into our reality. Their perversion causes them to tempt others into doing things that may land them in Gehenna too.” Maisie shuddered. “You’ve seen them,” she said addressing Abby. “The shadow people who always seem to be flitting at the corner of your eye. They crave the light you carry.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“The inhabitants of the highest order, those who have been bred to contain the greatest concentration of the old ones’ ‘pure’ blood, they build the machine, and as their home planets breathe their last gasps, the chosen ones leave behind the corpse of their mothers. They spread out through the universe like a virus, scouting new and suitable targets for exploitation.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“I opened myself with all my heart and soul to my child. I made a promise then and there, that no matter what, I’d do what it took to protect him,”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“Her preferred method of war was to wear away at the edges and sow seeds of uncertainty and doubt.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“September questions every choice, till October chills the air.” Colin sang the words to a melody I did not recognize. “November swears the days grow not short, till dark December her lie lays bare.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“So many holes had formed in my heart, I could almost hear the wind whistling through it.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“Sweet, handsome, and willing to help hide the bodies without asking a single question. He really was a keeper.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“he had been my life for more than half of it. We had been inseparable since childhood; we had played, explored, broken rules, and at times broken each other’s hearts. I loved him to the core of my soul. I couldn’t really imagine my life going on without him. I felt somehow betrayed it could. Still, I couldn’t allow myself the luxury of denying we’d come to the end of our adventures together. I had tried to prepare myself. I had tried to brace myself for impact. Now in the moment of that crash, I felt the world should stop. That my heart should stop beating and my soul should be sucked into an insensate void, but that was not to happen.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“I don’t give a donkey’s damn what you want.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“History might cough, but in a day or so, it will feel just fine.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“Where God is, there is no need or even room for change or growth. For God to create, he, she, it . . . whatever you want to call God, had to get out of the way. God created ten blank spaces, ten points both within himself and yet where he was not. Together these points form the great void, where all realities come into existence.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“The change in their attitude was not overt, but I still felt a chill in my heart as true friendship turned to mere politeness. All the same it hurt like hell to be rejected by the people of the city I loved, no matter how polite they were when building the walls between us.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

“so has Iris. No time for self-pity now, though. She will find time to fall apart.”
― J.D. Horn, quote from The Void

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