6+ quotes from The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory

Quotes from The Virgin's Lover

Philippa Gregory ·  441 pages

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“The truth is the last thing that matters,' she said. 'And you can believe one thing of the truth and me: I keep it well hidden, inside my heart.”
― Philippa Gregory, quote from The Virgin's Lover

“Dinner was a meal where good manners overlaid discomfort.”
― Philippa Gregory, quote from The Virgin's Lover

“The truth is the last thing that matters.”
― Philippa Gregory, quote from The Virgin's Lover

“Svaki dan se budim i znam da ću je vidjeti, a ipak joj ništa ne mogu šapnuti na uho niti joj dodirnuti ruku. Ne mogu je privoljeti da preskoči svoje sastanke, ne mogu je ukrasti iz društva drugih. Svaki je dan pozdravljam kao stranac i vidim bol u njezinim očima. Svaki dan je povrijedim svojom hladnoćom, a ona mene uništava svojom.”
― Philippa Gregory, quote from The Virgin's Lover

“We are not ordered by God to judge each other. We are not even ordered by him to consider another person's sin. We are ordered by God to let Him consider it, to let Him be judge.”
― Philippa Gregory, quote from The Virgin's Lover

“It’s not his friendship I miss,’ Elizabeth said bluntly. ‘It’s him. The very person of him. His presence. I want his shadow on my wall, I want the smell of him. I can’t eat without him, I can’t do the business of the realm. I can’t read a book without wanting his opinion, I can’t hear a tune without wanting to sing it to him.”
― Philippa Gregory, quote from The Virgin's Lover

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Philippa Gregory
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