7+ quotes from The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

Quotes from The Templar Legacy

Steve Berry ·  511 pages

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“Say it, do it, preach it, shout it, but never, absolutely never, believe your own bullshit.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Templar Legacy

“A man can accomplish much when the woman he loves supports him, even if she believes that what he does is foolishness.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Templar Legacy

“All of us bear God’s image, all are worthy to be loved, all can grow in the spirit of God.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Templar Legacy

“He'd was called first Cephas in Aramaic, then Petros, rock, in Greek. Eventually he became Peter and the Gospels proclaimed that Christ said, Upon this rock I shall build my church.'
The testimony was the first ancient account he'd ever read that made sense. No supernatural events or miraculous apparitions. No actions contrary to history or logic. No inconsistent details that cast doubt on credibility. Just the testimony by a simple fisherman of how he'd borne witness to a great man, one whose good works and kind words lived on after his death, enough to inspire him to continue the cause.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Templar Legacy

“His world was distinctly male. His experience with women minimal. They were a different breed, of that he was sure,”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Templar Legacy

“mind is terrifying. Lars often spoke of the malady and”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Templar Legacy

“1. "...All the complicated things in life can be settled over a cup of coffee. A person will tell more of their private life after one good cup of coffee, than after a magnum of Champagne or a quarter of port.." ((page 79)).

2. "..Care for the needy,comfort the distressed, befriend the rejected.." ((Simon's Testimony..page 464..))

3."..The man Jesus said that was wrong and offered the sick the courage to become well, the weak the ability to grow a strong spirit, and nonbelievers the chance to believe.." ((Simon's Testimony..page 461))”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Templar Legacy

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