5+ quotes from The Singing by Alison Croggon

Quotes from The Singing

Alison Croggon ·  496 pages

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“Some say an army of horsemen
some an army on foot
others say ships laden for war
are the fairest things on earth.

But I say the fairest sight
on this dark earth
is the face of the one you love.

Nor is it hard to understand:
love has humbled the hearts
of the proudest queens.

And I would rather see you now
stepping over my threshold
than any soldier greaved in gold
or any iron-beaked ship.”
― Alison Croggon, quote from The Singing

“By the light," he said, when he had mastered himself. "I think that beats singing a lullaby to a stormdog for simplicity and economy, Maerad. But I wish I had known that you simply had to blow at Hulls to get rid of them. It would have saved me a few scars.”
― Alison Croggon, quote from The Singing

“I tried to become a hawk, it didn't work. I think I got -stuck”
― Alison Croggon, quote from The Singing

“Old friend,' said Cadvan, filling another glass for himself and sniffing its rich smell. 'If we do not trust one another, we are already defeated.”
― Alison Croggon, quote from The Singing

“The company of true friends, the taste of good food, the blossoms in spring, all the ordinary things that make the texture and meaning of life”
― Alison Croggon, quote from The Singing

About the author

Alison Croggon
Born place: in Transvaal, South Africa
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