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16+ quotes from A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter

Quotes from A Mad Zombie Party

Gena Showalter ·  448 pages

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“Scars speak for you. They say you're strong, and you've survived something that might have killed others.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“Let your light shine, never look back and live as if today is your last day...because it just might be.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“Real love never fails, never fades, and the greatest expression of it is giving.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“The only sure way to fail forever is to give up.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“Sweet pea, you are my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye, and I don't want to go a day without you. Consider that your official invitation”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“And the peace! The most magnificent peace. I lose myself in a place where time no longer exists and nothing is impossible. I can do anything I imagine. I can fight and win any war. Nothing frightens me, because I know I'm here for a reason; and I'm not alone. I have friends in high places. Friends here. Friends up there. Victory is mine.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“Her mouth has always lacked any type of filter, a problem exacerbated by her refusal to lie about anything. Two qualities guaranteed to turn every conversation into a battlefield.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“The boy I was craved Kat. The man I am craves Milla.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“Lipstick?" He arched a brow.
"I'm on the hunt for my perfect shade," I respond, deadpan.
"Ditch the magenta. Your olive skin screams for rose." His deadpan is better than mine.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“You aren't afraid of needles. I see one, and I start crying like a baby."
"I've never seen you cry."
"It's on the inside.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“I stride to the ring where Cole and River are still hammering at each other. I remove my shirt and drop it to the floor.
"Woo-hoo," Ali calls. "Take it all off.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“She's beauty and she's the beast, rolled into one.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Zombies are Dead
And soon you be too
- Frosty, Zombie Slayer”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“Are those chocolate chip?'' Cole reaches her first and claims one.
''Oh, my godness.'' Nana sets the tray aside and coos the guy. ''Cole, dear, you have a boulder-size knot on your jaw.''
''River did it.'' Cole smirks at the guy. ''And he insulted my mom. And my dad.''
''River Marks.'' Nana shakes her head, as if her heart is acually breaking. ''How could you be so rough? And so insensitive!''
River glares at Cole before bowing his head. ''I'm sorry, Nana.''
''The human body is like a flower. Treat it well, and it will bloom.'' She approaches the ring and extends two cookies. River and I accept with eager thanks. ''Let's be kind to each other and keep our punches away from the face and groin.'' ''Yes, ma'am,'' we say in unison. Then of course, we devour the offering as if we've never tasted sugar.
''Good, good.'' She brushes the crumbs from her fingers. ''I'll leave you kids to your practice.'' She kisses Ali, then Cole, and leaves.
''Are you a rose?'' River sneers at Cole. ''Or a lilly?''
''Orchid. And your jealousy is showing.'' Cole responds.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“open, hinges broken, wood shards raining all around”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

“I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I'm not Justin Silverstone's biggest fan, but he's not a bad guy. Despite the mistakes he made in the past, he recently helped us destroy Anima from inside out. He's proven himself. And yet, the moment he put his arm around Camilla and turned on his megawatt smile, Ive wanted to open him up from navel to nose, just to play Operation. Same way I reacted when the waiter touched her.
I think I'm on my period.”
― Gena Showalter, quote from A Mad Zombie Party

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Gena Showalter
Born place: in Florida, The United States
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