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6+ quotes from The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

Quotes from The Silent Girl

Tess Gerritsen ·  315 pages

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“I'm sorry to say that too often, I haven't a clue why people do things like this. Why they drown their babies or strangle their wives or shoot their coworkers. I see the results of their actions, but I can't tell you what sets them off. I just know that it happens. And people are capable of doing terrible things.”
― Tess Gerritsen, quote from The Silent Girl

“Bella,Jane'in gözlerinin içine baktı. "Adalet herkesin paylaştığı bir sorumluluktur.”
― Tess Gerritsen, quote from The Silent Girl

“Without ties to our ancestors, we are lonely specks of dust, adrift and floating, attached to nothing and no one.”
― Tess Gerritsen, quote from The Silent Girl

“The gate downstairs has a dead bolt,” said Frost. “There’s no way you could pick the lock.” “Then how could anyone …” She went dead silent. Turned toward the doorway. Footsteps were thumping up the stairs. In an instant her weapon was drawn and clutched in both hands. Pushing aside Mr. Kwan, she quickly slipped out of the bedroom. As she eased her way across the living room, she felt her heart banging, heard Frost’s footsteps creaking on her right. Smelled incense and mold and sweat, a dozen details assaulting her at once. But it was the stairwell door she focused on, a black portal to something that was now climbing toward them. Something that suddenly took on the shape of a man. “Freeze!” Frost commanded. “Boston PD!” “Whoa, Frost.” Johnny Tam gave a startled laugh. “It’s just me.” Behind her, Jane heard Mr. Kwan give a squawk of fear. “Who is he? Who is he?” “What the hell, Tam,” said Frost, huffing out a breath as he holstered his weapon. “I could have blown your head off.” “You did tell me to meet you here, didn’t you? I would’ve gotten here sooner, but I got stuck in traffic coming back from Springfield.” “You talk to the owner of that Honda?” “Yeah. Said it was stolen right out of his driveway. And that wasn’t his GPS in the car.” He swept his flashlight around the room. “So what’s going on in here?” “Mr. Kwan’s giving us a tour of the building.” “It’s been boarded up for years.”
― Tess Gerritsen, quote from The Silent Girl

“Kusursuz suç, diye düşündü Jane. Ama bir görgü tanığı vardı. Mahsen merdiveninin altına saklanmış, sessiz bir kız.”
― Tess Gerritsen, quote from The Silent Girl

“detective, in a blazer and oxford”
― Tess Gerritsen, quote from The Silent Girl

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