4+ quotes from The Shelters of Stone by Jean M. Auel

Quotes from The Shelters of Stone

Jean M. Auel ·  800 pages

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“It’s harder to kill people. The empathy is so much stronger that the mind must invent new reasons. But, if we can somehow link it to our own survival, the mind will make the devious twists and turns necessary to rationalize it. We’re very good at that. But it changes people. They learn to hate. Your wolf doesn’t need to hate what he kills. It would be easier if we could kill without compunction, like your wolf does, but then, we wouldn’t be human.”
― Jean M. Auel, quote from The Shelters of Stone

“South Holding, was the acknowledged leader of the Twenty-ninth Cave, but Summer Camp and”
― Jean M. Auel, quote from The Shelters of Stone

“They stopped for a moment to watch the evening sky transform itself in a show of dazzling radiance as gold transmuted into shades of vermilion that waned into shimmering purple, then darkened to deep blue as the first glittering sky fires appeared. Soon the sooty black night became a backdrop to the multitude of blazing lights that filled the summer sky, with a concentrated accumulation wending its way like a path across the vault above.”
― Jean M. Auel, quote from The Shelters of Stone

“I’d done so many things I wasn’t supposed to do that by then I was ready to try any idea that came to me.”
― Jean M. Auel, quote from The Shelters of Stone

About the author

Jean M. Auel
Born place: in Chicago, Illinois, The United States
Born date February 18, 1936
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