Quotes from The Seven Sisters

Lucinda Riley ·  463 pages

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“Love knows not distance; It hath no continent; Its eyes are for the stars.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“And that the love of a parent for a child is the most powerful force on earth.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“Each of us thinks that our own mistake is the worst, because we have made it. We all live with guilt for our actions, Maia. Especially if we have chosen to keep them inside us for as long as you have. I’m sitting here feeling only sadness for you, not disapproval. And I really think that anyone else who heard your story would feel the same. It’s only you who blames yourself.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“I wish that you will find love. It is the only thing in life that makes the pain of being alive bearable.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“for every one bad apple, there are thousands more whose hearts are full of kindness.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“Never let fear decide your destiny.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“I knew that, although my life had been shaped by events out of my control, it was I who had chosen to react to them in the way I had”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“Love knows not distance;
It hath no continent;
It's eyes are for the stars.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“L'amore non conosce distanze;
non ha continente,
i suoi occhi sono come le stelle.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“Feelings I had for him had emerged suddenly, like the tight bud of a rose that blossoms magically overnight into a glorious colour.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“been given brought us success and happiness? Some of my sisters were still very young and hadn’t”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“Kunst sollte für alle sichtbar sein', hatte er mir erklärt. 'Denn sie ist ein Seelengeschenk des Malers. Was vor den Blicken anderer verborgen werden muss, ist wertlos.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters


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Lucinda Riley
Born place: Ireland
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