Quotes from The Sect

Courtney Lane ·  253 pages

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“You never had me, Keaton, but I always had you.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

“Love is the pain of pleasure,” I forced between sniveling sobs, “and pain is the pleasure of love.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

“The sad thing is, I don’t think you’ll ever know what’s true and what’s false about me.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

“Wasn’t that what you were? A pampered princess who couldn’t deal with the big bad world so you ran? Princess.” “And who are you? The villain?” “I’m something much worse than the villain,” he sneered. “Something you’ll never find a definition for.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

“NO SMALL act of kindness goes unremembered.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

“Reven is a sadist who thinks he’s some divine being. This place is a hideaway for a very screwed up sex cult.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

“I’ve got your number, princess. Fucking you, touching you—anything I do to your body that will make you come—will break you.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

“My worst fear was that I would be trained for sex enslavement.”
― Courtney Lane, quote from The Sect

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Courtney Lane
Born place: in Rochester, The United States
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