7+ quotes from The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer

Quotes from The Sea of Trolls

Nancy Farmer ·  459 pages

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“Look around you...Feel the wind, smell the air. Listen to the birds and watch the sky. Tell me what's happening in the wide world.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Sea of Trolls

“But I also know that to ignore joy while it lasts, in favor of lamenting one's fate, is a great crime.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Sea of Trolls

“No kindness is ever wasted, nor can we ever tell how much good may come of it.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Sea of Trolls

“Don't be angry," the Bard said. "Most people live inside a cage of their own expectations. It makes them feel safe. The world's a frightening place full of glory and wonder and, as we've both discovered, danger. Flying isn't for everyone.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Sea of Trolls

“Life and death are in constant battle. There is no way in this world for happiness to exist alone...”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Sea of Trolls

“Death must be fought with life, and that means courage and that means joy,”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Sea of Trolls

“He had no more control over his life than a dog on a chain, but caring for Lucy made him feel…well…strong.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Sea of Trolls

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Nancy Farmer
Born place: in Phoenix, Arizona, The United States
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