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“Her eyes were of different colors, the left as brown as autumn, the right as gray as Atlantic wind. Both seemed alive with questions that would never be voiced, as if no words yet existed with which to frame them. She was nineteen years old, or thereabouts; her exact age was unknown. Her face was as fresh as an apple and as delicate as blossom, but a marked depression in the bones beneath her left eye gave her features a disturbing asymmetry. Her mouth never curved into a smile. God, it seemed, had withheld that possibility, as surely as from a blind man the power of sight. He had withheld much else. Amparo was touched—by genius, by madness, by the Devil, or by a conspiracy of all these and more. She took no sacraments and appeared incapable of prayer. She had a horror of clocks and mirrors. By her own account she spoke with Angels and could hear the thoughts of animals and trees. She was passionately kind to all living things. She was a beam of starlight trapped in flesh and awaiting only the moment when it would continue on its journey into forever.” (p.33)”
― quote from The Religion

“Sadness is never bad," said Amparo. "Sadness is the mirror of being happy”
― quote from The Religion

“Let the morrow bring on what it would, he thought, for it didn't exist. Only now could lay any claim to forever...”
― quote from The Religion

“He who has not known war has not known God.”
― quote from The Religion

“Men, and pigs, are hard on women who sacrifice their virtue, especially for love." Mattis Tannhouser”
― quote from The Religion

“In the end, every man's life is but a tale told to him that's lived it, and to him alone.”
― quote from The Religion

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“They fell silent, sitting side by side, until Anna felt the earl’s hand steal over hers to rest there. “Today, I am going to call you Anna, and you are going to permit me to do so, please? We will be congenial with each other and forget I am the earl and you are my housekeeper. We will enjoy a pleasant morning in the country, Anna, with none of your frowning and scolding. This is agreeable to you?” “We will share a lovely morning in the country,” Anna agreed, wanting nothing so much as to start that morning by letting her head rest against his shoulder. It was a wicked impulse and would give him all the wrong ideas. “And seal our agreement”—the earl shifted to stand before her—“with a kiss.” He gave her time to wiggle off the hook, to hop down off the stile and dash past him, to deliver a little lecture even, but she sat, still as a mouse, while he framed her face with his bare hands and brought his lips to hers. He propped one booted foot on the stile and leaned over her as his mouth settled fully over hers. While”
― Grace Burrowes, quote from The Heir

“It is true that I am a person with black pockets of evil and hatred in my heart. There are underground places inside of me”
― Lynda Barry, quote from Cruddy

“Moeller also immediately discounted insults about competence, as the incompetent never question their competence about anything.”
― John Scalzi, quote from The Android's Dream

“Hate yearned to destroy and sought to forget, but love could not. Love strove creatively towards days that had yet to come.”
― Richard Wright, quote from The Outsider

“Most people think it's normal to have a nameless sorrow at the bottom of your soul.”
― Diane Duane, quote from Deep Wizardry

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