8+ quotes from The Music of Chance by Paul Auster

Quotes from The Music of Chance

Paul Auster ·  217 pages

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“You had to invent something. It's not possible to leave it blank. The mind
won't let you.”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

“Once a man begins to recognize himself in another, he can no longer look on that person as a stranger.”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

“It's just another word for the same thing. You want to believe in some hidden purpose. You're trying to persuade yourself there's a reason for what happens in the world. I don't care what you call it--God or luck or harmony-- it all comes down to the same bullshit. It's a way of avoiding the facts, of refusing to look at how things really work.”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

“It was a dizzying prospect—to imagine all that freedom, to understand how little it mattered what choice he made.”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

“I know you don't love me but that doesn't mean I'm the wrong girl for you.”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

“Due artisti nella stessa casa potrebbero essere troppi. Qualcuno deve occuparsi dell’aspetto pratico delle cose, eh, Willie? Ci vuole gente di tutti i tipi per fare il mondo.”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

“کافیست زندگی دیگری برای خود تجسم کنید تا قلب تان هم چنان بتپد”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

“بعضی ها یکشنبه ها می رن کلیسا، اما برای ما پوکر جمعه شب ها مهم بود. نمی دونین اون وقتا چه قدر آخر هفته هامونو دوست داشتیم! بذارین بهتون بگم برای از بین بردن دغدغه های کار هیچ دوایی بهتر از یک دست قمار دوستانه نیس.”
― Paul Auster, quote from The Music of Chance

About the author

Paul Auster
Born place: in Newark, New Jersey, The United States
Born date February 3, 1947
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