5+ quotes from The Kommandant's Girl by Pam Jenoff

Quotes from The Kommandant's Girl

Pam Jenoff ·  395 pages

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“I'm so sorry. I love you. I never could have hurt you.”
― Pam Jenoff, quote from The Kommandant's Girl

“Anna is something wrong " he asked his brow furrowed.

Yes I want to say. You ran a prison camp for Jews. You keep my parents locked in the ghetto. You let your wife's father be killed and would kill Jacob too if given the chance. Your wretched Gestapo came to our house and now Lukasz might have to leave us. Let me count the ways. Of course I did not dare to say any of this. "No Herr Kommandant " I replied managing to keep my voice even. "Everything is fine.”
― Pam Jenoff, quote from The Kommandant's Girl

“he says at last, bidding me good evening as though it were”
― Pam Jenoff, quote from The Kommandant's Girl

“empty, what was to stop vagrants, or even”
― Pam Jenoff, quote from The Kommandant's Girl

“governor’s office,” Diedrichson says solemnly without”
― Pam Jenoff, quote from The Kommandant's Girl

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“The intoxication of leaving himself, of slipping into the void, of dispersing himself in the thought of water, made him forget every discomfort. And even when the ideal sea which he was becoming ever more intimately had in turn become the real sea, in which he was virtually drowned, he was not moved as he should have been: of course, there was something intolerable about swimming this way, aimlessly, with a body which was of no use to him beyond thinking that he was swimming, but he also experienced a sense of relief, as if he had finally discovered the key to the situation, and, as far as he was concerned, it all came down to continuing his endless journey, with an absence of organism in an absence of sea.”
― Maurice Blanchot, quote from Thomas the Obscure

“To help wake up every day, I try to tell myself that I’ll get over Violet eventually, because time is supposed to heal all wounds or some stupid shit like that, but it seems like time is having the opposite effect on me. The wounds have become infected and their seeping through my body and rotting me from the inside out.”
― Jessica Sorensen, quote from The Probability of Violet & Luke

“If someone makes you think, keep them. If someone makes you feel, keep them.”
― Scott Hildreth, quote from Broken People

“When Wiley moved back to Safe Haven, flush with ill-gotten gains, he spared no expense building his dream house. And Wiley’s idea of a dream house was very close to Batman’s.”
― Jack Kilborn, quote from Afraid

“All sorts of yayness floods my brain. Love is such a drug.”
― John Green, quote from Will ti presento Will

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