4+ quotes from The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett

Quotes from The Key to Rebecca

Ken Follett ·  352 pages

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“Rommel could smell the sea. At Torbruk the heat and the dust and flies were as bad as they had been in the desert, but it was all made bearable by that occasional whiff of salty dampness in the faint breeze.”
― Ken Follett, quote from The Key to Rebecca

“Ishmael was looking at him through narrowed eyes. “This is very important to you, this box.”
“It’s important to the world.”

Ishmael said: “The sun rises, and the sun sets. Sometimes it rains. We live, then we die.” He shrugged.

He would never understand, Wolff thought; but others would.”
― Ken Follett, quote from The Key to Rebecca

“Nuestro espía de El Cairo es el más grande de todos los héroes.   ERWIN ROMMEL, septiembre de 1942”
― Ken Follett, quote from The Key to Rebecca

“again and opened the other. “This is my financing.”
― Ken Follett, quote from The Key to Rebecca

About the author

Ken Follett
Born place: in Cardiff, The United Kingdom
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