7+ quotes from The Judgement by Lucian Bane

Quotes from The Judgement

Lucian Bane ·  106 pages

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“What GOD has joined together, let no man put asunder. Your consummation is an eternal binding. It is a glorious mystery not realized by many, and abused by most." ~SCRIBER~”
― Lucian Bane, quote from The Judgement

“Hating the wrong is right, forgiving sin where there has been no justification is wrong! Loving what should not be loved is wrong! Having mercy where judgement is called for is wrong!" ~RUIN Katara Aggelos”
― Lucian Bane, quote from The Judgement

“He was the epitome of danger and safe all in one breath." ~Isadore Taylor”
― Lucian Bane, quote from The Judgement

“If it was bad that I didn’t love you, I’d know. I don’t feel like it’s bad.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from The Judgement

“Everything seemed to have less to do with power, and more to do with right and wrong. And it was also apparent that laws were being manipulated using the inconsistency of free will and the shitty make-up of human nature. ~RUIN Katara Aggelos”
― Lucian Bane, quote from The Judgement

“Every human act had a power behind it, every power had an authority, and every authority had a purpose-dirty bombs constituted by free will and amended by angelic and demonic influence unto the driving of humanity-it was very much active directing. ~RUIN Katara Aggelos”
― Lucian Bane, quote from The Judgement

“And what is love, Angel? What is love! he yelled. Is it a pressure inside that makes me want to scream when you do this? he palmed his chest roughly, Is it my body in constant chaos when you're around me? Is it murder in cold blood when I even think of you being with anybody but me! he roared. Or maybe it's not being able to think or speak when your life is in danger, or wanting to spend every second - of every - fucking day with you, wanting to never leave your side. Is that love? Is it, Isadore? He drew closer and hit his fist repeatedly against his chest. Is it pain so hard and heavy that I can't fucking breathe unless I smell you, touch you, taste you? His body heaved as his bright green gaze seared her heart. Because if it is, Angel...he held his lips together and shook his head slowly, then I am....slain with an eternal and violent love for you.”
― Lucian Bane, quote from The Judgement

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