10+ quotes from The High Lord by Trudi Canavan

Quotes from The High Lord

Trudi Canavan ·  647 pages

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“So what were you [Sonea] and Dorrien discussing before?' Akkarin asked.
She turned to regard him. 'Discussing?'
'Outside the farmhouse when I was buying the food.'
'Oh. Then. Nothing.'
He smiled and nodded. 'Nothing. Amazing subject, that one. Produces such fascinating reactions in people.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“Akkarin: I watched the first woman I loved die. I dont think I can survive losing the second.
Sonea: I love you too.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“He had given her too much. He had given her everything.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord


Great. She shook her head. Not only am I having conversations with myself, but now I'm refusing to talk to me. This has got to be the first sign of madness.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“Cery: So, Hem, tell me why I shouldn't see how many holes I need to make before you start leaking money?”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“It was impossible to imagine the aloof, dignified, powerful High Lord living as, of all things, a slave.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“En ocasiones, revelar la medida justa de la verdad era mejor que mentir descaradamente.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“It was a day-by-day record of a Guild much younger and smaller than the current one. After several pages, she had grown fond of the record-keeper, who clearly admired the people he was writing about.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“No solo mantengo conversaciones conmigo misma, sino que me niego a hablar conmigo. Deben de ser los primeros síntomas de la locura.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

“But as I witnessed what Dakova was capable of, I cared less about what the Guild did and didn't allow. He did not need black magic to perform evil. I saw him do things with his bare hands that I will never forget.”
― Trudi Canavan, quote from The High Lord

About the author

Trudi Canavan
Born place: in Kew, Melbourne, Australia
Born date October 23, 1969
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