Quotes from The Farm

Tom Rob Smith ·  400 pages

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“...Except when I was alone. I'd hate myself. It's how we feel about ourselves when we're alone that must guide our decisions.”
― Tom Rob Smith, quote from The Farm

“Let me quickly remind you that the allegation of being mentally incapable is a tried and tested method of silencing women dating back hundreds of years, a weapon to discredit us when we fought against abuses and stood up to authority.”
― Tom Rob Smith, quote from The Farm

“Standing at the point where these photographs were taken, you’re immersed in the most unbelievable quiet. It’s like being at the bottom of the sea except instead of a rusted shipwreck there’s an ancient farmhouse. Even the thoughts in my head sounded loud, and sometimes I found my heart beating hard for no reason except as a reaction against the silence.”
― Tom Rob Smith, quote from The Farm

“I’d mistaken familiarity for insight and equated hours spent together as a measure of understanding.”
― Tom Rob Smith, quote from The Farm

“cycling down the road. Her movements were erratic, almost out of control, pedaling at alarming speed as though she were being chased. As she passed the gate, I caught sight of her face. She’d been”
― Tom Rob Smith, quote from The Farm

“You crave security, Daniel. You always have. Let me tell you. There is none. A great friendship can be swept aside in an evening, a lover changed into an enemy with a single admission.”
― Tom Rob Smith, quote from The Farm


About the author

Tom Rob Smith
Born place: in London, The United Kingdom
Born date January 1, 1979
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