10+ quotes from Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

Quotes from Spy School

Stuart Gibbs ·  304 pages

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“that none of the locks on the toilet stalls in the common restroom worked.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“Welcome back, Ben,” Erica said. I started in surprise before realizing the voice was coming from inside my head. Alexander had slipped a two-way radio into my ear. There were lots of people out and about. The enemy had taken my cell phone, but I put my hand to my ear and pretended to be talking on one anyhow. No one gave me a second glance. Virtually everyone else was on a cell phone themselves. “Can you hear me?” I asked. “Loud and clear,” Erica replied. “Where are you?” “Still on campus, looking into things. But I need you to tail someone for me.” “Chip?” “No. I think he’s clean.” “What? But—” “I’ll explain later. Right now I need you to go after Tina. She’s the mole . . . and she’s on the move.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“This morning’s lecture was on how to avoid ninjas, which might have been interesting if step one hadn’t been “Stay out of Japan.” Furthermore, Crandall had quickly become sidetracked,”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“You' re Benjamin Ripley, aren't you?"
"Uh... no." It was worth a shot.
And for half a second it almost seemed to work. The assassin hesitated, slightly confused, then asked, "Then who are you?"
"Jonathan Monkeywarts" I winced. It had been the first name to popped into my head. I made a mental note to be more prepared next time this happened.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“I’ll find you sooner or later!” Later still seemed like the better option to me.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“There’s a bomb under the school.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“I'm not playing! I really am stupid!”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“1. The SACSA exam was probably designed to weed out people.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“a pamphlet detailing emergency procedures for everything ranging from poisoning to nerve gas attacks.”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

“RECRUITMENT Ripley Residence 2107 Mockingbird Road Vienna, Virginia January 16 1530 hours “Hello, Ben,” said the man in my living room. “My name is Alexander Hale. I work for the CIA.” And just like that, my life became interesting. It hadn’t been, up till then. Not by a long shot. That day had been a prime example: day 4,583, seven months into the twelfth year of my mundane existence. I had dragged myself out of bed, eaten breakfast, gone to middle school, been bored in class, stared at girls I was too embarrassed to approach, had lunch, slogged through gym, fallen asleep in math, been harassed by Dirk the Jerk, taken the bus home . . . And found a man in a tuxedo sitting on the couch. I didn’t doubt he was a spy for a second. Alexander Hale looked exactly like I’d always imagined a spy would. A tiny bit older, perhaps—he seemed about fifty—but still suave and debonair. He had a small scar on his chin—from a bullet, I guessed, or maybe something more exotic, like a crossbow. There was something very James Bond about him; I could imagine he’d been in a car chase on the way over and taken out the bad guys without breaking a sweat. My parents weren’t home. They never were when I got back from school. Alexander had obviously “let himself in.” The photo album from our family vacation to Virginia Beach sat open on the”
― Stuart Gibbs, quote from Spy School

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