10+ quotes from Simple Genius by David Baldacci

Quotes from Simple Genius

David Baldacci ·  420 pages

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“the poppy crop is the only thing keeping the economy going. And if we don’t buy it terrorists will and use the enormous profits from dealing the drugs to attack us. Lesser of two evils; sometimes it’s the only choice we have.” “It’s still wrong,” Michelle persisted. “And what Valerie did was criminal.” “Valerie was a rogue clear and simple. As crazy as it sounds I believe she was going to kill you both after the torture was done, and she probably believed she’d get away with it. The role of the”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“There’s a chromosome that goes haywire when you turn thirteen. It commands you to live in filth”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“People who attempted to end their lives, no matter how amateurishly they might do so at first, often got better at it, with the result that on the third, fourth or sixth try, they ended up on a slab with a coroner poking around their remains.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“But don’t sit here and think that you’re cured, because that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. People who want to get better, they work at it. They don’t lie to themselves and everyone else. They don’t sit on their ass and sink deeper into a pathetic existence while denying anything’s wrong at all. They have balls not bullshit. And I’m pretty much fed up with yours.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“I’m gonna be sick,” Burt moaned. “I’m gonna be sick!”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“minutes later Horatio pulled up to the”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“I remember thinking about her that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“Whatever was hurting the lady, he simply didn’t have the tools to help her. Apparently, a deep friendship didn’t cut it with matters of a wounded soul.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“There’s a chromosome that goes haywire when you turn thirteen. It commands you to live in filth while withstanding all threats by parents to clean up your act.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

“A child’s permanent personality is substantially formed by age six.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Simple Genius

About the author

David Baldacci
Born place: in Richmond, Virginia, The United States
Born date August 5, 1960
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