Quotes from Rise of the Governor

Robert Kirkman ·  308 pages

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“It ain’t the dead things you gotta be mindful of around here … it’s the living.”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

“He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you. —Nietzsche”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

“Chaos theory is the impossibility of a closed system remaining stable. This town is doomed. There’s nobody at the controls …”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

“It’s never-ever going to be okay, never-ever-ever-ever-ever.”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

“Nick looks into Brians hollow gaze. "That's what's going on here brian. The devil's figured out a way to keep peoples souls trapped here on earth.”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

“It is why he got the hell out of his hometown, Waynesboro, two days ago.”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

“Brian discovers that this first group features two bricklayers, a machinist, a doctor, a gun-store owner, a veterinarian, a plumber, a barber, an auto mechanic, a farmer, a fry cook, and an electrician. The second group—Brian thinks of them as the Dependents—features the sick, the young, and all the white-collar workers with obscure administrative backgrounds. These are the former middle managers and office drones, the paper pushers and corporate executives who once pulled down six-figure incomes running divisions of huge multinationals—now just taking up space, as obsolete as cassette tapes.”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

“A severed ear sticks to the windshield, and Philip puts the wipers on. They”
― Robert Kirkman, quote from Rise of the Governor

About the author

Robert Kirkman
Born place: in Richmond, Kentucky, The United States
Born date November 30, 1978
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