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30+ quotes from Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

Quotes from Oedipus Rex

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“To throw away an honest friend is, as it were, to throw your life away”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“I have no desire to suffer twice, in reality and then in retrospect.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Fear? What has a man to do with fear? Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown. Best live as we may, from day to day.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Time, which sees all things, has found you out.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“How dreadful the knowledge of the truth can be
When there’s no help in truth.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Alas, how terrible is wisdom
when it brings no profit to the man that's wise!
This I knew well, but had forgotten it,
else I would not have come here.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“The tyrant is a child of Pride
Who drinks from his sickening cup
Recklessness and vanity,
Until from his high crest headlong
He plummets to the dust of hope.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“The truth is what I cherish and that's my strength”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Oblivion - what a blessing...for the mind to dwell a world away from pain.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“All my care is you, and all my pleasure yours.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“How terrible-- to see the truth when the truth is only pain to him who sees!”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“In time you will know this well: For time, and time alone, will show the just man, though scoundrels are discovered in a day. ”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Let every man in mankind's frailty consider his last day; and let none presume on his good fortune until he find Life, at his death, a memory without pain.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“...count no man happy till he dies, free of pain at last.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Those who jump to conclusions may go wrong.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“The pain we inflict upon ourselves hurt most of all.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Whatever is sought for can be caught, you know, whatever is neglected slips away.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“It's perfect justice: natures like yours are hardest on themselves.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Weep not, everything must have its day.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Never honor the gods in one breath and take the gods for fools the next.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“They are dying, the old oracles sent to Laius, now our masters strike them off the rolls. Nowhere Apollo's golden glory now -- the gods, the gods go down.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“And if you find I've lied, from this day on call the prophet blind.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Give me a life wherever there is an opportunity to live, and better life than was my father's.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“Despite so many ordeals, my advanced age and the nobility of my soul make me conclude that all is well.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“(...) I, for one, prize less
The name of king than deeds of kingly power;
And so would all who learn in wisdom’s school.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“It is but sorrow to be wise when wisdom profits not.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“يا أجيال البشر، إنكم من وجهة نظري لستم سوى أشباح فإن الواحد منكم يحصل على نصيب من السعادة لا يتعدى المظهر الخادع، ثم ما يلبث أن يذبل ويختفي.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“فمن الأفضل لك ،إذا كنت ستواصل حكم هذه المدينة،كما تحكمها الآن، أن تحكمها وهي مليئة بالبشر، لا خالية منهم
فإن أي برج أو سفينة لا يكون له قيمة إذا كان خالياً من البشر الذين يعيشون داخله.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“A sight to touch e’en hatred’s self with pity.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex

“King as thou art, free speech at least is mine. To make reply; in this I am thy peer.”
― Sophocles, quote from Oedipus Rex


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