29+ quotes from Ricochet by Keri Lake

Quotes from Ricochet

Keri Lake ·  368 pages

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“I’d rather walk a mile with a cucumber up my ass than fuck you.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“The stars in the sky are the souls of the people we love. They shine so bright, not even the night can hide them. And when we’re lost, they guide us.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Monsters did exist. They didn’t hide under the bed, though. They stormed through the fucking door and stole away everything we loved.
To defeat a monster, I had to become one.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“I saw darkness in her beauty, and she saw beauty in my darkness. Yin and yang. Black and white. Beauty and scars; fury and forgiveness. She should’ve been my nemesis, but in her, I found something I didn’t know I was looking for.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“You’re a fighter. Your scars aren’t about the rounds you’ve lost. They’re about the ones you walked away from. The ones you survived.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“It’s been three years since I’ve touched someone. I don’t want to give you pain with these hands. I just want to feel.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Every scar told a story, but it was the ones we didn’t want others to see that told a truth.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“The ultimate revenge isn’t the murder of my enemy. It’s the whisper of truth on my last stolen breath.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“The stars in the sky
Unhidden by night
Souls of our loved ones
Guide us by sight
But when dawn breaks
Bringing day’s light
Remain in our hearts
And all wrongs become right;
I'll see you in the night.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Outside the window, broken and abandoned husks dotted the landscape, set against the gray, dishwater sky. Scarred and beaten, the perfect metaphor for the people who lived within its forgotten neighborhoods, Detroit was like an abused kid, just waiting for the day someone would come along and give a fuck about it. The third world city of America.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“You asked for dark. I’m going to give it to you … You are the violence inside of me, Aubree. My most exquisite destruction.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Shit seemed to get crazy the moment I whipped out my dick, like unleashing the goddamn Kraken every time I unzipped my pants.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“There was a time I’d feared the dark, but I’d since found comfort in it. Felt protected by it.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“There was nothing normal or typical about our love. We should’ve been one hot mess of madness for all that we’d suffered, but just as a flower grows from the sky’s tears, our love grew from pain. It blossomed in darkness and thrived with time.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“There’s little joy in life for me, And little terror in the grave; I’ve lived the parting hour to see Of one I would have died to save.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“You were never meant to be mine, Aubree. But I’ll take you. All of you.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Apart, we were nothing more than two broken halves, but together, our jagged edges fit perfectly, sealed into something whole again.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Love was the only thing stronger than hate. Fuck, if I didn’t already try hating her once.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Those three words again. I’ve got you.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“I don’t want easy and uncomplicated. I want love that makes me fucking insane and irrational. I want to drown in it and never come back up for air.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Cage a bird that once felt the wind through its feathers and the world beneath its feet, and you’d find that insane glint of hope in its eyes that enticed it to escape every time the door swung open. Even if it could no longer fly, it’d never stop vying for its freedom, and neither would I.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“That was the thing about pain, it came with a universal understanding for those who survived it—don’t ask, don’t tell.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Whatever happens at the end of this … I gave you all of me. My fears. My desires. It’s all yours. And now I want all of you.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“Could you even imagine a place where we watch sunrises, have sex, eat, shower, have sex, lay in the sun, watch sunsets, sex.” “I’m picking up on a theme …”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“But fuck, that body of hers called out to me like a siren. I felt like a rotten bastard for what I wanted to do to it. How badly I needed to watch her writhe with the pleasure of being defiled by my cock, while her screams reverberated inside the small shower stall.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“You never tried to make yourself known to her because … you were giving her to me.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“I want to.” To be set free? Fucked? I’ve no idea what she’s begging me for.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“She lowers herself to the bed and releases a pained sigh that is both relief and agony. I know this because I feel it, too, as I rock in and out of her tight pussy with the realization that I don’t want the torment to end. I want to stay inside of her, with her warm, silky body around my dick and her soft whisper droning inside my head, telling me how good it feels.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

“To defeat a monster, I had to become one.”
― Keri Lake, quote from Ricochet

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