6+ quotes from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1 by Ginn Hale

Quotes from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1

Ginn Hale ·  353 pages

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“To fear what you do not understand is to mistake ignorance for safety.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1

“More sheltering is rarely an antidote for too much in the first place.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1

“In Yuan" Alizadeh whispered to Kiram, "they have a word for a man who fights a darkness he cannot defeat."

"What is it?" Kiram asked.

"A fool," Alizadeh replied.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1

“He may say he is different. He may want to be different. He may even go so far as to become your lover. But he'll always feel guilty and dirty. He'll be ashamed to be seen with you and try to blame you for his own desires. He'll claim you seduced him or that you are somehow irresistible because you're Haldiim. If the two of you are discovered together, he'll press charges to save himself. That's how Cadeleonian men are.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1

“The penance is the most important part. It shows everyone that he’s serious. You know, it’s almost like a kind of ceremony. It proves the strength of his conviction. It shows everyone that he doesn’t care how much he may suffer, he’ll still beat the crap out of anyone who threatens you.”
“But I don’t like the idea of someone else being whipped on my account.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1

“No, this length suits you. Lends you an air of a creature that has not yet been tamed.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Lord of the White Hell, Book 1

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