13+ quotes from Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris

Quotes from Midnight Crossroad

Charlaine Harris ·  305 pages

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“When the second hour of Fiji’s open house was almost at an end, a mother from Davy said, “How on earth do you get it to look like the cat is talking?” “Oh, did it look realistic?” Fiji had to struggle to keep a smile on her face. “It was so cute! It said, ‘Get off my tail or I’ll smother you in your sleep.’” “Just some batteries and a CD!” Fiji said. “And isn’t that just what a cat should say?”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“Fiji, I’m betting you don’t drink a lot,” he said, trying to suppress a smile.
“I don’t,” she confessed. “How did you know?”
“Just a lucky guess.”
“You think he’d like my phone number?”
“Feej, that guy is tough as nails, and he’s not only been around the block, he’s run a marathon. He could eat you for breakfast,” Olivia said, half smiling.
“And wouldn’t that be a great way to wake up?” Fiji said, with a broad wink. Manfred laughed; he couldn’t help it.”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“You have a vampire living in your basement, and you're stunned by a talking cat?”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“Buddy of yours?" Manfred asked, when he was sure his voice would be even.

"I don't think snake-shifters have buddies," Lemuel said. "They just know people they haven't tried to eat yet.”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“Even at the beginning of fall—which is only a date on the calendar in Texas;”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“The Rev’s house is similar to Fiji’s, but it’s older, smaller, and has only sparse grass in the little front yard. It is also in no way welcoming or charming, and he has no cat.”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“Weirdly, strangely—wonderfully—he knew this was the moment he was touching the bottom, and he understood that from now on, however gradually, he would begin to heal.”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“Was that justice?” she said. She sounded as though she honestly wanted to know.”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“No threatening the cat!” Mr. Snuggly said. No”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“No threatening the cat!" Mr. Snuggly said.”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“Since he’d had no clue about Chris Stybr (sometimes he had a genuine impression about the seeker, but this Chris could be a man or a woman or a hermaphrodite for all Manfred knew),”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“if you live next door to an apex predator, you shouldn’t go around poking him with a stick. Fiji”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad

“He loved his mother. He just had a hard time remembering that some days.”
― Charlaine Harris, quote from Midnight Crossroad


About the author

Charlaine Harris
Born place: in Tunica, Mississippi, The United States
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