Quotes from Men of the Otherworld

Kelley Armstrong ·  369 pages

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“Kids who don't eavesdrop on adult conversations are doomed to a childhood of ignorance.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Men of the Otherworld

“At school, our classroom had a small rodent zoo consisting of two rabbits, three hamsters, a litter of baby gerbils and a guinea pig. At first, I’d thought the teacher was raising snack food, which impressed me, being the first sign of intelligence she’d shown. Soon, though, I’d figured out the animals’ true purpose and left them alone, though I would never understand the appeal of petting and coddling perfectly good food.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Men of the Otherworld

“He obviously needed more practice, but no matter how often I abandoned him out there, his sense of direction never seemed to improve.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Men of the Otherworld

“At the time, it seemed to me that Jeremy was spending a lot of time with a piece of plastic pressed against his ear, talking to himself. Which was fine by me. We all have our eccentricities. Jeremy liked talking to plastic; I liked hunting and eating the rats that ventured into the motel room. Or, at least I did like hunting and eating the rats, until Jeremy caught me and promptly kiboshed that hobby. Some of us are less tolerant of eccentricities than others.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Men of the Otherworld

“I spend four years chasing the guy of my dreams, finally get him, and now I have to compete with a gorgeous, twenty-year-old supernatural sex fiend. ~Jaime Vegas”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Men of the Otherworld

“In the end, like any stray, I was conquered by the promise of continued food and shelter. Trust would take longer.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Men of the Otherworld

“We did as we were told, staying outdoors, and not bothering Jeremy and Peter. Yet that could be
done while sitting outside the study window, where we could listen to the conversation within.
Kids who don’t eavesdrop on adult conversations are doomed to a childhood of ignorance.
Of what I heard that afternoon, I understood only one key point: that Peter was leaving the Pack.
Why he was leaving, what that meant for his life, how difficult that decision was for him to
make, all that I wouldn’t fully understand for years to come. From the tone of the conversation,
though, I knew that this decision marked the end of a long personal struggle with the issue of
Pack-hood. I knew too that this was a decision Jeremy had both known and feared was coming.
Roughly half of all Pack youth left the group in their early twenties. It was like membership in any regimented segment of human society—children stay with the group because they have to, then when they hit adulthood, they realize that they have a choice. Some, like Antonio, chafe at the rules, but not enough to consider leaving. Some, like Jeremy, disagree with many of the principles, but believe in the institution itself enough to stay and try to effect change from within. Others look around and say ‘”I don’t belong here”, and this was the case with Peter.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Men of the Otherworld

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